Top Google Questions to Answer about Curtain Cleaning

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Top Google Questions to Answer about Curtain Cleaning

Curtain cleaning is neither an easy nor a difficult task. It is very easy when you have to know-how and very difficult when you don’t know what to do with curtain cleaning? But you don’t need to worry about how to clean, from where to start, what and why, and when I need something and how can I use it, all these questions boggle your mind.

Here, we have collected some of the top questions about curtain cleaning and maintenance people have asked or searched on Google. Interestingly, our Prime Curtain Cleaning experts collected them and will address those questions in a very simple and easy doing method you have ever experienced.

Here are the top searched questions on Google about curtain cleaning and maintenance:

  1. Can I steam Curtain Cleaning?

Yes. No. Don’t be confused both answers are right. There are different kinds of curtains in the market, every curtain has its unique cleaning method. For example, you can steam your Polyester curtain steam clean but you can not steam clean velvet or dralon curtains because it can damage them. Read instructions before steam cleaning.

  1. Does steam cleaning shrink curtains?

The short and the sweet answer is “No”. It is actually steam cleaning that can be the safest way to avoid curtains shrinkage. To avoid confusion, measure your curtains before and after steam cleaning, this way you will be satisfied.

  1. How can I freshen my curtains without washing them?

You can use these 4 cleaning tips to look fresh your curtains. Choose any of them which you can do easily:

  • Dusting Hard- When cleaning your room, shaking your curtains well can rid of dust.
  • Vacuum Cleaning- Make look fresh your curtains by vacuuming once a week will remove all the dirt, dust and stains.
  • To look freshen your curtains make sure to clean your window regularly.
  • And lastly, steaming your curtains often can prevent shrinkage.
  1. Is it better to steam clean or dry clean curtains?

Both steam clean and dry clean has their importance for a different made of curtains. But experts prefer dry curtain cleaning because most of the curtains suit dry cleaning. For instance, fabrics like silk, chiffon, embellished, and embroidered curtains have a zero per cent chance of shrinkage or damage.

  1. How often should you vacuum curtains?

Vacuuming curtains depends on your curtains and geostrategic environment. Both drapes and curtains can be cleaned through vacuuming to remove dust, dirt, grime, and allergens once in three or six months.

  1. How do you get the smell out of curtains?

The solution is at your home. Take a baking soda according to your curtains or drapes size and sprinkle on them. Now, wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes for absorption. The baking soda will absorb the smells with ease. Also, you can add some drops of essential oil to make them pleasant.

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  1. Do handheld steam cleaners really work?

Yes, handheld steam cleaners are capable of removing stains, allergens, grime, dust, dirt, and killing bacteria, viruses, germs, lice, bed bugs, and dust mites. Keep in mind that handheld steam cleaners are mostly used for small curtains and tasks.

  1. Is it better to iron or steam curtains?

Cleaning expert Frej Lewenhaup and the co-founder of Steamery says, “the fabric will feel richer and more natural in texture with steaming, as opposed to ironing.” So, steaming your curtain is the easy way to clean your curtains.

  1. How can I make my curtains smell fresh?

Take half white vinegar and half of water, and then mix it for a while. Now, mist it over your curtains and drapes. Let them dry and you will get what you wanted. Freshen curtains!

  1. How do get wrinkles out of hanging curtains?

Well, for this use a steamer after a couple of days to remove wrinkles from curtains but keep in mind your curtains must be wet otherwise it will leave watermarks. Also, do not steam silk curtains.

  1. How do get wrinkles out of 100% Polyester curtains?

Same as the above. First, wet the Polyester and then hang them in the dry air. Also, you can put them in the wash cycle when you have read the care or cleaning instruction. By this, you can get your Polyester curtains 100% wrinkles free.

  1. How much does it cost to steam curtains?

Curtain Material Cleaning Method Average Cost
Cotton Machine Washing $60-$95
Polyester Machine Washing $60-$95
Linen Machine Washing $60-$95
Chenille Standard Dry Cleaning $60-$120
  1. Do Cleaners press curtains?

Yes, after they clean your curtains and drapes, they definitely press them. When they reinstalled the curtains and drapes, they do a little steam cleaning to look pristine.

  1. Does steaming shrink fabric?

Not really. The actual factors are exposure to heat and the high temperatures can cause shrinkage. Shrinkage depends on your geolocation, e.g, whether you live near Seaview or far somewhere rural area.

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