The Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

Over time, lots of curtains pick up dust, ashes, and unpleasant smells. To help you fix those issues, we’ve put together tips to guide you on Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning in Sydney. You should practice those tips as part of your weekly cleaning. 

Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

When to Dry Clean

Even if your window coverings are made of a washable fabric, their seams and linings could shrink once you wash them. If you’re looking for the best options for curtain cleaning “near me,” dry Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning in Sydney is the best choice. Dry-clean curtains, drapes with stitched-in pleats, swags, or other fancy ornamentation that might not hold up to washing should be dry cleaned.

Special Fabrics

You don’t have to wash or dry-clean velvet drapes to make them look good. Just brush them often with a chamois cloth dipped in hot water and wrung out well. If you need to wash silk curtains by hand, do so in lukewarm water with a mild liquid dish detergent. Swish the water gently and don’t twist or wring it.

Sun Damage

Even strong fabrics can become fragile if they are always in the sun. So, use the gentle cycle, lukewarm water, and a mild detergent when washing curtains and drapes in a machine. If you can, dry them on a clothesline or put them in a dryer on a delicate or no-heat setting for the best Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning in Sydney.

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Wash Fragile Curtains by Hand

If you think the fabric is too soft and might shrink or change colour, don’t take a chance and wash your curtains by hand. 100% cotton lace, chiffon, and voile can still be hand washed. Use regular laundry soap or laundry detergent for delicate fabrics. Make use of lukewarm water to protect the curtain from any damage and follow the product instructions.

Use Machine to Clean Lightweight Curtains

Deep Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning in Sydney in the machine is among the easiest ways to clean them. Items that don’t soak up a lot of water and aren’t too heavy can be washed in a machine. Use regular laundry detergent and set the washer to the delicate cycle. You can also use an eco-friendly cleaner. Check the label again before you throw your curtains in the washer for Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning in Sydney. Curtains should always be washed alone, not with other fabrics.

Drying Process

No matter how damp the curtains are after drying, you must resist the urge to put them in the dryer. This will make stubborn folds and creases that you won’t be able to erase even with a hot iron. Hanging dry drapes outside, putting them back on the rail, and running a fan while keeping the windows open is the best way to bring them back to their normal position. If you let drapes hang, they will dry on their own and “fall out” of any creases or folds. After the curtains have dried, you can iron them if you want them to look neat and brand new.

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Sheer Curtains

Even if your sheer curtains don’t look dirty, wash them time after time because they may already be permanently stained by the time the dirt shows up. Clean those delicate fabrics with care. Make sure they don’t fill the machine halfway and let them soak in cold water for 5 minutes. Use a mild detergent and a whitening agent. Turn the dial to rinse to drain the water, then run the machine on the gentle wash setting for only 2 to 3 minutes.

Put the sheer curtains and a few terry cloth towels in a dryer on a no-heat setting for another 2 to 3 minutes. Rehang them while they’re still wet, and pull them into shape. If required, move an ironing board next to the window and iron the hems while the curtains or drapes are hanging. Use a handheld steamer or the vertical steam setting on a regular steam iron to make them smooth.

Heavy-Duty Curtain Steam Cleaning

You shouldn’t wash heavy curtains by hand or machine because it will take too long for them to dry, and the fabric will spread. With a steam cleaner, it’s easy to clean up velvet and chenille. This is also a great option for curtains that are hard to take off the tracks. Scrub curtains from top to bottom. Use the upholstery attachment to make things better. If it looks like the fabric is getting wet, move the cleaner away from it.

Get Cleaning Curtains Easier

Ultimate Guide to Curtain Cleaning in Sydney is easy, especially if you do it daily. Reduce the number of bad smells you take in. Shut the kitchen door while you are cooking and when you smoke, keep it open. Clean your drapes once a week to cut down on how much dust they gather. Hire a professional curtain cleaner once or twice a year to keep the drapes in good shape and make them last longer.

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