Sanitize your Curtain and Save your life Today in Australia

Sanitize your Curtain

At the time of writing Australia has recorded 1,334 deaths and 1 lac 11 thousand cases. New South Wales has recorded 432 deaths and 65,279 cases, Victoria 873 deaths and 42,505 cases, Queensland 7 deaths and 2,046 cases, Australian Capital Territory 8 deaths and 1,129 cases, and Western Australia 9 deaths and 1,099 cases.

Now, imagine the covid-19 situation, critical and severe increase in covid-19 patients in New South Wales. Life is valuable so don’t compromise on it. As covid-19 cases increase in New South Wales we are deeply concerned and bring an offer to the inhabitants of Sydney and around Sydney.

In this article, we will highlight the importance of curtain sanitization and how can it help in saving your life?

Sanitize your Curtain and Save your Life Today

In the current scenario, sanitation is more vital for life than ever!

For the past two years, we have keenly observed that COVID-19 reminds us that fundamental sanitary practices such as handwashing must be part of everyone’s routine. But as time passes new guidelines and precautions are necessary to be followed strictly.

In the beginning, we experienced that COVID-19 is spreading through a handshake but now scientists say COVID-19 is now in our air. After this, we released that hand-washing is not the only solution but all the interior and exterior of a home needs to be cleaned properly. For example, hanging a curtain in your home prevents not only dust, noise, stains, bad odours but also dissolve viruses and bacteria from the outside environment.

Maybe you sanitize your hands many times in a day but you can infect from the curtain in your home which we don’t care about most of the time. If you have curtains, drapes, blinds, sofas, carpets in your home then it is your duty to sanitize them as soon as possible.

Sanitize your Curtain

The following are ideal options for disinfecting or Sanitize your Curtain:

1.     To kill germs like viruses and bacteria that linger on the fabric, cleaning experts recommend washing curtains with bleach and how water.

2.     To kill germs by physical means, use a steam vapour unit.

3.     Steam cleaning has only 6% moisture which kills whatever is on the curtain and doesn’t add any contamination to the surface.

Moreover, clean experts say infected curtains need steam/dry cleaning or sanitization than laundry cleaning.

If you have found symptoms of COVID-19 and patient in the home, then steam cleaning is a means of disinfecting without changing the curtains.

Two main sources of COVID-19

Cleaning experts say that the deposition of COVID-19 and other germs comes from hands when we move the curtains. And the second source would be aerosol deposition when someone coughs or sneezes.

Moreover, the hard fact is we forget curtains cleaning regularly. These are the curtains that interact with both internal and external pollutants, ultraviolet rays, allergens, noise, dust, germs, grimes, stains, viruses, bacteria and nowadays COVID-19. For all that, hygiene and sanitization of the curtains are essential for the removal of microbiological contaminants like viruses, bacteria, fungi,  germs, and allergens etc.

Steps and Procedures of Sanitize your Curtain

1.    Dirt Extraction

Dirt particles and microorganisms would be extracted by vacuum cleaner, specially made for curtains.

2.    Sanitization

A sanitization system that uses intensive radiation to kill germs, bacteria and viruses and spores inside curtains. This is the same chemical method used in the medical field.

3.    Last step of Sanitization

The last step of the sanitization system involves spraying the surface area of curtains, killing pathogens, and protecting curtains against the growth of dust mites, viruses and bacteria for at least 3 months.

Benefits of Sanitize your Curtain

ü Curtains sanitation reduce line downtime for wash cleaning cycles

ü It also prevents cross-contamination between lines

ü Sanitized curtains overlap to form a solid barrier

ü Kills germs, viruses and bacteria

ü Kills COVID-19 infected areas

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Sanitize your Curtain in Australia

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