Step By Step Guide for Quality Curtain Cleaning

Quality Curtain Cleaning

So, you have expensive curtains or drapes that are getting dustier picking up more stains every week? You wish to clean them to a good as new condition quickly! Of course, every home or office owner prefers their curtains and window fabrics super clean. The whole quality curtain cleaning process starts with the right intent. You need to dedicate time and resources for it.

Following the right steps and doing it on time, many curtains can be cleaned at home. However, professional quality curtain cleaning service might be required when you have persistent stains and odor problems. Yet, many curtain problems can be self-sorted at home. Read below to know our step-by-step quality curtain cleaning guide:

Always Check the Label First

What is the nature of your drapery fabrics? Is the fabric already shrunk or not? Is this particular fabric to be treated by certain cleaning agents or solutions? There are actually many different concerns when it comes to washing and treating your window fabrics.

You don’t know this information. The best way to find it out is to read the label before you set out to clean those curtains. You see, quality curtain cleaning for specific fabrics is always about using the right tactics and tools. Labels for quality curtains always say their best cleaning and washing methods.

Also, labels will tell you what water temperature is best for your drapery. Whether you should always get dry cleaning for curtain fabrics should also be mentioned on them. In fact, we don’t recommend buying curtains that are missing labels or don’t come with some at all.

Do an Odor and Spot Test!

Spot and odor checks are pretty important for any curtain cleaning exercise. You can reduce your time and effort requirement with a quality spot and odor check. In fact, when you do a good spot check, you can work on individual spots only letting rest of the material be.

Also, with an odor test, you will know whether or not that curtain needs a full wash or not. Odor producing bacteria can also be concentrated in select areas on your drapery. These can help make the quality curtain cleaning job a lot easier and less time consuming.

Make sure to see discoloration in your spot and odor test as well. Notice if the color is faded or there are some external colors on the fabric itself. Next, you will have to decide whether you need cleaning by hand or in the washer. Both can work on different conditions of drapery.

Quality Curtain Cleaning by Hand or the Washer

If there are only a few spots on your curtains, go ahead and clean them. See if they need detergent treatment. Also, if you can do these spots while curtains hang, it will be more convenient.

  • Take your curtains down from the hanging arrangements
  • First, shake them well to remove all dust before you do any wet or dry treatment
  • Follow the instructions on your curtain tag. It should say what kind of water or cleaning solution you need for the best job
  • Clean one or two panels maximum in your domestic washer at a time. If you are taking to a commercial washer, more can be done at once
  • Hang them outside avoiding direct sunlight to dry. Make sure they are completely dry before you rehang them back
  • Iron curtains or steam press them making them look neat and clean

Iron or Steam Your Curtains for Neatness

Rehanging curtains without ironing them can make them look very dull. All those creases from washing can make a bad impression. Iron your curtains or steam press them if you have the equipment. However, most homes usually don’t have steam press equipment and ironing can take long.

Quality curtain cleaning is all about making them look neat and clean. Tidying them up by ironing or steam pressing is the final step and should never be ignored at all. At times, ironing can be the longest most effort consuming part of the curtain cleaning process.

Also, when steaming them, make sure the upholstery attachment is in use. There might be some instructions on the steam cleaner as well. Follow them and make your drapery look neat. This will help maintain the look for the long-term going forward.

Professional Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Are Always Easier

A lot of times, homeowners and office people might not have the time needed for the quality curtain cleaning job. This is where professional service providers always come useful. They will have quick curtain steam cleaning equipment that can work on many different kinds of curtain materials.

Prime Curtain Cleaning also provides cheap service that makes it quicker and easier for everyone. We can provide curtain takedown, cleaning and rehang at your doorstep without the need to bring them anywhere. If time is something you don’t have, professional steam cleaning can be just perfect.

Then there is the concern of curtain shrinkage. It can happy when you don’t want it to. It should be mentioned on the label also. If you have cotton or any other shrinkage likely drapery, best practice is to always get dry cleaning for it. Our quality curtain cleaning also includes dry cleaning options as well.

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