New Trends In Living Room Curtains In 2022

New Trends In Living Room Curtains

In 2022, there will be new trends in living room curtains.

We have gathered all of the best curtain trends for living room windows in 2022.

Textiles offer a room character and a sense of completion and comfort. Window decoration, on the other hand, should regulate the amount of natural light in the room and provide a relaxing environment. Do you have any intentions to replace the textiles in the hall?

We’ll show you the most up-to-date living room curtains for 2022, analyse trends, and show you some amazing samples in this article.

The Most Important Curtain Trends in 2022

Fabrics made of natural materials

In all realms of design, there is a continual trend towards nature. This is also true of textiles, with an increasing number of people choosing natural fabrics. Window blinds and window panels don’t have to be made of fabric; bamboo, wood, rice paper, and matting are all viable possibilities.

The major goal is to make a home or apartment comfortable and environmentally sustainable. When choosing beautiful curtains for the living room Curtains, keep the following natural materials in mind.

  1. Cotton and linen are the most frequent curtain textiles. Textiles can be used to decorate ethno, eco, and Scandinavian spaces. They are non-electrified, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and accumulate very little dust.
  2. Window materials, as well as clothes and warm blankets, are made of wool. It has a distinct texture that is soft and fluffy while still being dense and thin. It’s a long-lasting, nearly non-increasing substance that retains heat for an extended period of time (important in the winter) while allowing air to circulate freely.
  3. Because woollen curtains require rigorous upkeep and absorb all odours, it is best to use them in a separate living room curtains rather than in a joint kitchen.
  4. Silk is a delicate, long-lasting fabric that originated in China. Natural silk is generally reserved for high-end interiors due to its high cost. The mesmerising shine of this lovely material perfectly compliments magnificent classic and neoclassical living rooms.
  5. Atlas is also one of the most expensive textiles due to its one-of-a-kind weaving. It was made completely of silk thread at one time. Natural or artificial fibres are commonly combined with satin to reduce the price and increase strength.

Colours that are saturated

The use of a neutral palette, on the other hand, does not imply that the materials are environmentally friendly. Rich and vivid hues, which can be employed to update the interior colour scheme, are another trend for the next years.

You can use any colour, but there will be a large variety of popular natural stories.

  • earthy tones (brown, grey, beige, brown)
  • themes of plants (all green variants)
  • natural materials’ colours (dark grey, beige, terracotta, brown, black)
  • cold spectral range (shades of blue and light blue, foggy grey, grey)
  • gems (emerald, dark red, gold)

Use rich, slightly dusty tones rather than pure colours for colour highlights in textiles; they appear noble, contrast beautifully with the rest of the palette, and do not tyre the eye.


Another widespread trend that affects all aspects of interior design. In this case, minimalism does not mean extreme austerity, but rather a considerate approach to living. Nothing should be unneeded in the area, and what is there should be comfortable and not make living difficult.

In this way, the rejection of intricate textile compositions that require painstaking upkeep but are purely decorative is significant. Curtains should last a long time, be hypoallergenic, and have a simple design. Choose monotone materials with a unique texture for a striking visual effect.

If they do have a pattern, it should be simple and low-contrast (unless you have a living room curtains in shabby chic or Provence styles). The top has abstraction, geometry, and stylized floral motifs.

Various textures

It is possible and perhaps even important to combine several textures in a modern minimalist environment while remaining cosy. Any experiment is possible if you have the imagination. Velvet and tulle, cotton and organza – any experiment are possible if you have the imagination.

Natural and synthetic materials, as well as fabrics of various densities and textures in the same sequence, can all be blended.

Choose materials that are comparable to avoid unfavourable contrasts, such as dense matte corduroy with organza, chintz with brocade, and so on, to avoid being confused by the combination.

Living Room Curtains

2022 Living Room Curtains Styles

We looked at the general trends in window decoration earlier. Let us now go through the several types of living room curtains that are now popular. Make a mental note of thoughts.


Depending on the room’s décor, these can be thick velvet curtains with translucent textiles or lighter natural-fibre curtains.

Tulle curtains, blinds or blackouts with sheer voile, and other types of curtains are commonly mixed with standard materials. The size of the room and the interior design style dictate the number of various materials used in a single opening.

The smaller the room, the easier the window design should be. On the other side, minimalism and high-tech indicate a plethora of thick and intricate textiles.


In modern living room Curtains, designers are increasingly using beautiful blinds instead of traditional curtains. This is especially true in modern and minimalist settings.

Blinds are made from a variety of materials, including plastic, bamboo, wood, metal, cloth, and even paper. They can be built vertically or horizontally. From the middle, the first ones move in one or several directions, and the lamellas can rotate 180 degrees.

Roman blinds have the advantage of being compact, so they can be utilised in any size living room. They merely cover the window opening, so they don’t take up too much room. Because of their simple design, they can be used in both traditional and modern settings.

There are two major categories. A smooth fabric that bunches upward on the lace is a classic. Even when fully opened, the cloth produces a curtain.

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