Most Popular Types of Curtains and Blinds Used in Australia

Types of Curtains and Blinds Used in Australia

According to some researches, human being spends their 90% time at home. With the arrival of the internet, humans behaviours changed drastically. Now, people live more online instead of going outside somewhere. They are at home but talking about beyond the walls of a home.

It means we humans spend more time in the home. So, when it comes to home then it comes to interior design.

 Interior design?!

Yes, the interior design of your home does matter a lot. For Instance, curtains, blinds, drapes, carpet, and sofas can play an important role in your comfortability and mood.

Here, we will explore in detail the different types of curtains and blinds. Curtains and blinds are popular in Australia specifically.

What kind of curtains and blinds to choose and why to choose all these questions will be our concerned. And to what extent interior design matters and how we can make our homes decoration “WOW”!

Popular types of Curtains and Blinds used in Australia 2021

A home without a curtains and blinds is no home. A curtain can divide your life into interior and exterior means a curtain hanging in your home can safeguard your private life from public life. Not only this a curtain can also prevent bad odours, noise, and insects from entering your home or room.

Popular types of Curtains used in Australia 2021

Here are a few and most famous kinds of curtains in Australia:

White Curtains

It is the most versatile curtains of all time and for all kinds of interior design. It is the most popular curtain in Australia. You can find white curtains in different fabrics such as:

  • Light filter,
  • Blackout,
  • Dim out, and
  • Sheer

Moreover, you can find all the above fabrics in different styles like:

  1. Double pinch pleat
  2. Wave folds, and
  3. Reverse pleat

Window Curtains

In every home, there are windows and every window needs to be covered. Window curtains are widely used curtains in Australia. Its only function is to cover windows. Window curtains are available in different styles, fabrics, and designs.

Thick Curtains

Thick curtains are used for keeping the room temperature. These curtains also work as an insulator. Thick curtains are available in the market in two types of fabrics:

  • Dimout and
  • Blackout

Pleated Curtains

Pleated Curtains are also called pinch pleat curtains. It is widely used for house decoration due to its uniform look. And it is ideal for contemporary house décor. Most of the Australian houses have pleated curtains.

Decorative Curtains

It is self-explanatory. The only purpose of decorative curtains is people use them for home decoration. It gives an aesthetic sense to a house. It is widely used in the dining room, study room and bedrooms.

Door Curtains

Door curtains have the most aesthetic feeling. It is used for glass doors to cover them. It is also used from preventing sun rays directly. You can find it in the living rooms or bedrooms.

Popular Types of Curtains and Blinds used in Australia 2021

Curtains and Blinds also maintain or prevent sun rays and help in securing your privacy. And it also redefines the interior design of your home and increases the beauty that you have imagined for your interior.

Popular Types of Blinds used in Australia 2021

As they say, covering windows in Australia blinds always win the race. Here are a few popular used blinds in Australia:

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal slats which will be adjusted with a wand and provides a standard yet modern look to the space. They are often lowered or raised with a cord and that they are available during a wide selection of choices like aluminium and timber. They’re durable, energy-efficient and with a good range of colours and finishes to lure visitors.

Blockout Blinds

If you would like your room a pitch-black one with not even a ray of the sun, you’ll choose blockout blinds that are equipped with light-blocking technology. They’re mostly utilized in bedrooms and kids’ rooms and make the simplest environment for an honest sleep. Also, if you’ve got a home theatre, you’ll install these blinds there to possess an honest time while enjoying the simplest viewing experience. You’ll even customize these blinds as per your window sizes and shapes.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have horizontal panels of cloth that give a sublime and luxurious look to the space. The material panel is connected on each side by a batten and offers an aesthetic appeal. They’re low allergenic and have a large range of colours available in solids, prints, and textures.

Vertical Blinds

Earlier, vertical blinds were used over patio and sliding doors, but they’re now popular for normal doors and windows too. They provide a singular and exquisite appeal to living rooms and bedrooms. Vertical blinds also are popular in office buildings and commercial premises. Vertical blinds are available in a very wide selection of colours, weights, fabrics, and stack options.

Honeycomb Blinds

If you’re searching for the sleekest and complicated look within the room then honeycomb blinds are that the best solution. It also controls your home temperature and is accessible within a single or double cell. Honeycomb blinds can control the quantity of warmth to enter the area by the power to filter or block light. Also, you’ll prevent the sun’s UV rays from entering the space with these blinds.

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