How to Professionally Steam Clean Curtains and Drapes?

Steam Clean Curtains at Home

Curtains and drapes always make your rooms look neat and brighten up the mood when needed. Lift them up or fold to the side for natural daylight illumination. Bring them on windows to get dimout or blackout rooms. Curtains also provide privacy to rooms and interiors. Drapery brings a lot of style and personality to any modern or old-school interior. So, how to Professionally steam Clean Curtains and Drapes without damaging or shrinking them? Professionals like Prime Curtain Cleaning do it so you can too right!

Yes. Anyone with the right tools and knowledge on the subject matter can steam clean curtains themselves. Steam cleaning not only eliminates all kinds of curtain stains but also helps refresh the fabrics from the inside. Although, steam cleaning will not be ideal for all kinds of fabrics. Especially, unshrunk fabrics can shrink quite rapidly when exposed to steam. We have a perfect guide for steam cleaning curtains. Read through to do it like professionals:

Professionally Steam Clean Curtains and Drapes Method

Step 1: Do Not Take Curtains Off

Professionally Steam Clean Curtains and Drapes is always easier on hanging curtains. Do not take them off. Cleaning curtains with steam using typical handheld equipment will be much tougher. Its always better to clean curtains while they hang in their grooves and fixtures. You can easily do the whole curtain or drape fabric while it hangs. This way also tends to save a lot of time for steam clean curtains as well.

Step 2: Get the Steamer Ready

Professionally Steam Clean Curtains and Drapes equipment is usually made up of a container, a connecting pipe and a handheld steam vent. There are clear instructions on quality steamers as to what goes in them and in how much quantity. Do not exceed the limit that is told in the manual. It might not be safe to operate over this limit. Now, fill the steamer with water and/or any additional solutions recommended. Set the heating level according to the label on your curtain fabric. That steaming machine guide should have all these instructions. If not, make sure to ask the manufacturers about them.

Step 3: Start the Steam Clean Curtains Process

Now, its time to start applying that steam to your curtains. Have the curtain fully opened on the windows. Wait for the water in that steamer to come to temperature and start applying the steam. Make sure to always keep the steam blower at least 5 inches away from the drapery fabrics. Start the steamer from one side of the curtain either from the top or bottom. Move it up and down in a way that a plasterer moves on a wall. You should be able to see a clear difference in the curtain color and finish on the steamed and non-steamed portion. Make sure to not miss any part of the curtain fabrics at all.

Step 4: Do Not Forget the Other Side of the Window Fabrics

Often, people would forget the other side of the drapery. Or, they would just know about it. Professional steam clean curtains process should always be repeated on the other side of the fabrics as well. Simply, lift the fabric up slightly and work in a similar way on the underside. The other side of curtains is where dust normally settles from the outside. If you find any dirt sitting, make sure to re-steam the area.

Step 5: Let the Curtains Dry Completely

After having finished the Professionally Steam Clean Curtains and Drapes process, make sure they get enough time to dry off. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on and let the air do its magic. Few hours should be enough. Some steam cleaners also have a fan only option. Use it if present. Once dried off, your curtains should have no folds or creases in them as well. Curtain steam cleaning eliminates dust, stains and also guarantees curtain pressing at the same time.

Important Considerations:

  • Always check the fabric type and your curtain label if it is still there. It should tell you whether or not steam can be applied with steam clean curtains.
  • Steamers become very hot when used for longer periods of time. make sure to take adequate while using them. Give the process small breaks if required.
  • Heavy fabrics like velvet do not fair very well with steam cleaning. Look for other alternatives for such heavy fabrics.

Steam Clean Curtains and Drapes

Advantages of Professionally Steam Clean Curtains and Drapes

Professionally Steam Clean Curtains and Drapes is a quality process that has many different benefits. You can find steamers easily on the market and be your own curtain cleaner if preferred. If not, professional service providers like Prime Curtain Cleaning are always just a phone call away.

  • Curtain steam cleaning is the best way to get rid of hardiest dried-up stains. Hot steam gets into the core of stains removing them from the fabric completely.
  • Steamers also iron curtains and all kinds of fabrics pretty well. All you need to do is steam your curtains after hanging them. They will turn out to be very neat and crease-free.
  • Steam cleaning is quick and easy. Steamers can be applied to window fabrics rather easily. The process takes 15-20 minutes once you get used to it. No need to take curtains off or anything.
  • All you need is essentially water. Some people also mix fabric cleaning and refreshing solutions. However, steamers work just as good with only water.
  • Steamers refresh the fabrics from inside out. As hot steam passes through the fabric, it refreshes it perfectly. Your curtains will look good as new in no time.

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