How to Prevent Curtain Stains – Tips from Professionals

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Curtain stains making your drapes look dull too often? Don’t worry. You are not the only one in this problem. Curtains and drapes are large fabrics on windows. We all know how fabrics catch dust and stains over time. To prevent curtain stains, you need to have intelligent measures in place. When left unchecked, stains can quickly cover the entire surface of your drapes and curtains. Keeping your curtains free from stains as long as possible is the best way to go.

Of course, almost nothing you do will always keep curtains stain free. However, intelligent measures can help keep stains minimum and extend the life of your drapes greatly. Also, keeping your curtains free from stains is a great way of making interiors look neat as well. A dirty stain covered curtain can completely destroy the whole feel of any room. Here are some professional tips that will help prevent curtain stains and make your curtains last long:

Lift a Few Inches from the Floor to Prevent Curtain Stains

Prevent Curtain Stains by Lifting Up

Premature curtain replacements cause hundreds of dollars every year. Main reason for this is people don’t clean their curtains enough and get them stain covered too quickly. Also, often, stains start creeping up from the bottom. Curtains and drapes touching the ground can catch stains of the floor.

Dirt, dust, liquids and even pet pee or child secretions can land on curtains touching the floor. Even floor cleaner liquids end up becoming fabric stains when curtains catch them. Whole lot more of unwanted substances can end up on your curtains when they touch the floor.

The best tip to keep curtains clean from the bottom is to have them lifted a few inches off the floor. No doubt, some drapes are made to be touch the floor. Some even look better when folded on the floor a few inches. However, when looking to prevent curtains stains, lift them up a few inches.

Prevent Curtain Stains by Sliding to the Side During the Day

So, how do curtains catch all that dust, allergens and stains that often? Bigger their surface area, more unwanted materials they will catch. Dust and allergens included. And yes, those occasional spills of tea/coffee or vine can happen on larger surface areas as well.

Of course, drapes are large window coverings. Having them folded to the side is a great option during the day. Doing this, your interiors will stay naturally lit as well. Bit of energy saving and stain prevention can work together. Slide back on the windows when you need privacy or dark rooms.

Also, when you slide curtains often, their hooks and groves can stay unclogged as well. Dust can settle inside these groves making their movement mechanism cumbersome too. Reduce the surface area by sliding to the side whenever possible to prevent curtain stains.

Keep Coffee and Dinner Tables Away from Curtains

Another great way to get your curtains stain covered is to place coffee and dinner tables near them. Please don’t do that. Sauces, food oils, drinks spills and whatnot can end up on curtain surfaces. Simply by having your food consumption away from them, can help keep curtains clean.

Thing with most food stains is that they dry up and harden. Oils, sauces and tea/coffee are notorious for leaving longest lasting fabric stains. These can accumulate rather quickly when ignored. Also, these stains can mess up the look and feel of your curtains as well.

The best thing to do to prevent curtain stains is to have no food consumption near them. Homes with kids especially, need to have all coffee and food tables away from windows. This can help keep curtains stain-free for longer periods of time.

Often Shake and Dust Off Curtains to Prevent Dust Stains

Dust settles on curtain fabrics easily. This dust may land on fabrics from windows or even when dusting the interiors. Floor dust when sweeping it can fly away and land on curtains as well. In time, all this dust can accumulate on drapery fabrics whether you want it or not.

The best way to deal with this is to dust off and shake your curtains daily. This will make sure no dust stays on the fabrics for it to stain up. Dust gets stained up when liquids land on it. Increase in humidity can cause dust to stain up on fabrics and drapes as well.

However, make sure to not pull-on curtain attachments and its fittings while shaking. Grab the top bit with one hand and then shake the bottom part to move dust off it. This way to prevent curtain stains will help keep dust stains away for longer.

Remove Stains When They Are Still Fresh

Tried all techniques but still got your curtains stained? Don’t worry. This happens a lot as well. However, the best time to clear stains is when they are fresh. Food stains, sauces, oils, grimes and almost every other kind of stains can be removed easier when fresh.

When stain materials dry up, they tend to leave color and residue behind. This is whey stains become smudged up. Also, dried up stains are the hardest to get rid of as well. Make sure to remove all your stains while they are still fresh before drying up.

Prevent curtain stains by removing them early. Wet liquid stains can often be cleaned and washed easily. This will save you time and effort a great deal. Keep curtains stain free for them to look neat and last long. Premature curtain replacements are often caused by stains and odors.

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