How to Make Curtains Smell Fresh


Keeping your curtains smelling fresh and looking clean is very important. From making a good impression in your room to keeping a fresh feel, curtains are very important. To make your curtains smell fresh, you need to pay attention to them. Timely cleaning and maintenance are keys to fresh smelling clean curtains for any home, flat or office.

Fresh smelling curtains are always the best drapes for any house or office. You will find out that curtains and window fabrics that smell bad, will also usually have allergic bacteria in them. So, how to make curtains smell fresh? We have a few tips for you that will help do just that. Also, maintaining your fabrics will also help make them last much longer as well.

Read Labels on the Curtains for Treatment

Before starting to clean your curtains, make sure to read their label first. Quality curtains and drapes come with handling information printed right on them. Different fabrics need to be treated differently in order for them to become fresh again without any kind of damage.

Of course, cleaning curtains is the best way to restore freshness. How to clean them should be included on the labels most of the times. Labels will also tell your shrinkage information and also water temperature treatment and exposure. All these can help making them fresh again.

Be sure to read labels if there are any attached. When buying online and missing labels, you might be able to find some information from the product page. Prime Curtain Cleaning has the experience and knowledge about how to treat different fabrics. We help make curtains smell fresh in no time.

Make Your Curtains Smell Fresh

Read the label on your curtains are know how to treat them? Now, start the cleaning process to restore fresh smell in your drapes. Depending on the size and number of panels, you might have to do some panels before the others. However, make sure to clean the entire curtain set for consistency.

Dust Off and Prepare for Wash

Begin the process by first dusting off the fabrics. Shake them well without causing any damage. Vacuum your curtains while hanging or spread them evenly on the floor to vacuum all that dirt off. Take off any other easily removable foreign particles where possible.

If there are some dried of peeling materials, best leave them for the wash. Trying to take them off while dry can damage the fabric. Also, take off all kinds of attachments, knobs, rails or whatever holding hardware was in place. Nothing hard goes into the washer. Make curtains smell fresh by washing them.

Proper Machine Wash and Dry for Drapery

Provided your curtain label allows for liquid exposure and machine wash, ready the washer for drapes. You might have to put in one panel of curtains at a time. However, it is strictly prohibited to not machine wash shrinkage likely fabrics. Other soft fabrics can also get damaged. Read labels for directions.

Now, having dusted your fabrics, put them in the washer. Use water at recommended temperature ensuring proper freshness restore. How to make curtains smell fresh depends largely on using recommended washer settings and water temperature.

Use Light Detergents with Fabric Restore Solutions

It is always recommended to wash all types of delicate fabrics with light detergents. At most, use mild detergents. Do not go over that at any time. Harsh detergents can cause quite some damage to delicate fabrics. From color fading to actual fabric damage, you can expect pretty much anything.

To make curtains smell fresh, you need to wash them properly. We recommend cool water in the washer with light detergent. Increase the amount of detergent when not getting the desired results and not its intensity. Also, use recommended timer for the washer giving your fabrics a clean look.

Detailed Steam Cleaning Offers Great Benefits

If your fabric labels allow them to be treated with liquid and steam wash, curtain steam cleaning is the perfect solution. Steam cleaning specializes in all kinds of stain and odor producing bacteria breakdown. However, industrial steam cleaners for curtain fabrics aren’t always available at home.

Prime Curtain Cleaning now offers professional steam cleaning for all window fabrics. Our quality steam cleaning equipment makes your curtains smell fresh in no time. We can refresh the look and feel of your drapery making all kinds of bad odors go away quickly. Call us now to make curtains smell fresh.

Keep Curtains Slightly Raised from the Floor

Another great little tip to keep your curtains smelling fresh is to keep them raised slightly from the floor. When you have kids and pets in the house, that occasion spill or even secretion will cause odor producing bacteria to grow. Keeping drapes raised slightly eliminates this problem efficiently.

However, you don’t need to keep your curtains raised some feet. Just a couple of inches raised curtains tend to not catch much unwanted material. If your interior theme has curtains falling down to the bottom of window only, that will work too. Floor touching curtains tend to get the dirties as well.

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Fabrics Dry Cleaning Experts

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