How to Make Your Curtains Last Long?

Quality Curtain Cleaning

Do you replace your curtains too often? Does the curtain bill worry you more often than it should? So, how often is too often for curtain replacements? Experts always recommend a quality curtain should last at least a year with more than 10 washes. Ideally, expensive quality curtains should last much longer than that as well. Also, well treated curtains do last several tens of washes.

So, how to make your curtains last long? The basic rule is to treat them nicely. By treating them nicely, we mean to keep them clean at all times, not let any bacteria develop on them and more. Try to keep them away from direct sunlight where possible. However, this will not always be possible as curtains are the first things behind windows. Here are some tips that will help keep your curtains last long:

Apply Tint to Sun Facing Windows

Most fabric discoloration happens as a result of direct sun exposure. Curtains, being the first layers behind windows, often get direct sunlight exposure. You can stop this. Only few windows in any building are directly sun facing. And, these windows almost always get their curtains discolored.

One of the most efficient ways to avoid this is to apply light tint to sun facing window glass. Even the lightest of tints can have a huge affect on color damaging sun rays. If you already have UV glass installed on windows, there will be no need for tints. If not, apply a tint for best affects.

This tint will also keep most of the excess sunlight glare away when curtains are open. Applying tint is very inexpensive and can make curtains last long indeed. Also, usually, there is only one or a few sun facing windows. Apply the tint to keep your curtains from losing color.

Don’t Let Curtains Touch the Floor

One of the major flaws in many curtains is that they end up touching the floor. If you are not intentionally going for those floor laid large curtains, don’t let your drapes touch the floor. When curtain fabrics touch the floor, they pickup all the dust, stains, bacteria and even insects.

Something as small as insect secretions can even give rise to many bacteria on curtains. Also, when floors get washed, fabrics can easily pick up water and everything with it. All these can cause the bottom part of your curtains to lose color, shine and their appeal with it.

Best to keep your curtains risen up from the floor. Even if there are a couple centimeters of lift, it would be enough. Ideally, we recommend about an inch of gap between the floor and your curtains. This gap would help make your curtains last long looking good as new.

Dry Clean Shrinkage Likely Fabrics

Many curtain fabrics are shrinkage likely. Cotton fabrics, lace drapes and many other cotton mixture curtains can always shrink on first wash. Even after the first wash, shrinkage can continue in smaller extents. There is just no telling what shape shrinkage likely fabrics will be in after washing.

It is always best to get dry cleaning for such types of fabrics. Dry cleaning has no liquids or water involvement. Tested and approved chemicals are used to get rid of any stains, odors and bacteria. Dry cleaning also makes curtains usable right after finishing as there is no drying time required.

Prime Curtain Cleaning in Sydney offers doorstep dry cleaning for window curtains of all types. Our curtain dry cleaning in Sydney makes your drapes completely free from stains or odors. We offer dry cleaning for home and office curtains any day of the week.

Keep Your Curtains Well Cleaned and Neat

Curtain cleaning is probably the most important thing when it comes to making them last long. Research has shown that about 45% of curtains get replaced only because they get too many stains, unwanted odors and allergies in them. And that is not surprising at all.

Premature curtain replacements are forced because curtains are not maintained well. Stains, when left unchecked, can smudge up and even develop bacteria. Similarly, not regularly cleaned curtains can end up looking dull, stained and with unwanted odors.

Prime Curtain Cleaning in and around Sydney is the number 1 drapes cleaning expert. We offer leading curtains steam cleaning, dry cleaning and washing services. We help keep your curtains nice and clean for many years. Make your curtains last long by keeping them clean.

Don’t Let Too Many Allergies Develop

Breathing allergies, skin conditions and many other allergies can develop on fabrics. Bacteria can grow on window fabrics finding permanent places to live for uncertain amounts of time. People with breathing problems can find allergens filled curtains deeply concerning at all times.

So, how to make your curtains last long without allergies? Answer again is to keep them well cleaned. Go for steam cleaning or dry cleaning on curtains regularly keeping them allergens free. Specialized steam cleaning really helps with removing all kinds of unwanted allergens.

Even dust accumulated in large quantity can become allergenic. Prime Curtain Cleaning in Sydney offer quality same day curtain steam cleaning for professional allergens removal. Our service helps keep your window fabrics free from allergies of all kinds making your home time peace time.

Steam Clean to Remove Stains and Creases

Another reason why a lot of curtains get replaced too early is because they become creased up. Curtains end up looking dull and pale when creased up. Also, stains accumulated and stain leftover can quickly make curtains unwanted as well.

Professional steam cleaning also helps remove all kinds of unwanted stains. It also helps remove curtain creases as well. Steam cleaning is a much better alternative than curtain ironing as the whole surface area is quite large. It can remove curtain creases and stains all in one go.

Prime Curtain Cleaning is a leading drapes steam cleaning service provider in Sydney. Our service helps make your drapery neat without any unwanted creases. This is how to make curtains last longer. Keep them clean and very stylish for the longest time possible.