How to Clean Curtains – 5 Easy Steps at Home

How to Clean Curtains – 5 Easy Steps at Home

How to Clean Curtains

Not many people actually think about cleaning curtains at home. Of course, many of us put curtain cleaning to low priority since we don’t have to wear them right! While this is true, it should not be the case. Dirty and dusty curtains cause more allergies than dirty clothing. So, how to clean curtains? Without having to take them to your local cleaners that is.

The interesting thing is that almost everyone thinks the same for curtains. In fact, many people may not even check their curtains or drapes for dust, dirt and any hidden allergies often. People don’t pay much attention to curtains wearing out or getting dirty. This is a mistake however. Dirty, dust covered and stained curtains can cause stress, allergies and many things undetected.

How to clean curtains? How to make them free from dust, dirt and allergies? Many people look into this way too late. If you let allergies build up in your curtains, they will cause big problems. Prime Curtain Cleaning is always available in and around Sydney for professional curtain cleaning. Also, curtain shrinkage is something home cleaners have to keep in check.

Unfortunately, many of us end up smudging stains and shrinking well-fit curtains when washing or treating with water-based cleaners. This is where professional service comes useful. However, Prime Curtain Cleaning has a pretty reliable home curtain cleaning technique. Read below and find out how to cleaning curtains at home without needing professional service:

How to Clean Curtains at Home in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Check the Tag on Your Curtains

How to clean curtains should always begin with a bit of tag finding and reading. Usually, quality curtains include a great amount of information on their tags regarding cleaning recommendations. Reading tags, you should be able to gather some of the following information:

  • Should your curtains be treated with water-based cleaning solutions?
  • Have your curtains already been shrunk once?
  • Is the fabric suitable for hot, warm or cold-water treatment?
  • What kind of detergents should be used on your window fabrics?
  • Are your fabrics hand-wash only or can be machine washed too?
  • Can you hang them in direct sunlight after washing to dry up?
  • Is the fabric likely to give off color when washed or cleaned?
  • Is the fabric dry clean only or can it be steam cleaned too?

Step 2: Preparing Curtains for the Washer

Second on our guide for how to clean curtains is to prepare them for the washer. Of course, this should only be proceeded if your curtain label directs for water-based machine wash. For dry cleaning only fabrics, Prime Curtain Cleaning can offer doorstep service anywhere in Sydney.

If your curtains are machine wash friendly, go ahead and prepare them for the job. Pre-wash sorts for the fabric can be very important in making it clean and fresh. Start by shaking off as much dust of the textile as your possibly can. Preferably, use a vacuum cleaner for this part of the job.

Make sure there are no foreign materials clinging on to the fabric. How to clean curtains starts by taking care of the little things. Clean curtains are not that hard to achieve once you master the small things. Also, take off all the hardware including fittings or whatever attached to the curtains.

Step 3: Cool Water Wash Is Most Recommended

Use specific water temperature instructions on your curtain label. However, if you ask us, we always recommend cool water wash. Room temperature water is best for fabrics and textiles anyways. Also, use moderate or delicate setting on your washer as well.

We recommend cool water wash because it is just perfect in color preservation and freshness restore. Also, we’d recommend mild detergents necessarily. You can put in the washer again with more detergent if stains don’t go away. Harder detergents tend to damage the fabrics too.

Keep the laundry load small in your washer. Put only one panel of the curtains in at a time if using dual or tri-panel curtains. Clean curtains alone in the washer. Don’t mix any other colored or even white fabrics at all for consistency. Use recommended washer time for cleaning curtains.

Step 4: Dry Washed Curtains in Two Parts

Once curtains are washed, next is the job of drying them up. We’d recommend running the wet drapes into the dryer. This is of course keeping in mind what’s on the label. If it permits dryers and spinners, use them to good effect. Also, it is important to keep in mind that heat dryers and spinners work differently.

Keep your dryer on low heat if using a blow heat dryer. Get all the excess water our from your clean curtains. Also, shake your curtains when taking off from the dryer. Benefit of using air drying is that it helps prevent curtain shrinkage. Again, shrinkage likely fabrics should not be washed anyway.

Now, hang the curtains to dry in an open shaded place. We recommend shaded hanging as direct sunlight can damage the color and fabric surface. By now, you should know how to clean curtains in great detail. You should have pretty clean drapes on your hands already.

Step 5: Iron or Steam Press the Clean Curtains for Neat Look

One thing for sure, most fabrics will wrinkle up quite dramatically with machine wash. This is why you will need to iron them for a neat look. Our how to clean curtains guide also includes ironing them or steam pressing them. This is also why steam cleaning is all that more beneficial for curtains and drapes.

When cleaning curtains at home, ironing and pressing should be the next steps. Although, we recommend low-heat setting on the iron. This is of course recommended only if your curtain label permits ironing. Press it and remove all creases and wrinkles quickly before hanging.

Prime Curtain Cleaning provides professional onsite curtain cleaning in Sydney help. Our trained curtain cleaning experts can come to your doorstep anywhere in and around Sydney any day of the week. We offer quick drapes cleaning and pressing at cheap prices. Call now to find out more.