How to Clean Curtains and Drapes while Hanging?

Clean Curtains and Drapes

Life is a combination of different shades and colors. What we see and what we don’t see is new or old. The journey from new to old is not as just simple as we hear but sometimes, we see things that get old which is new but we don’t recognize or flourish.

It is a genuine fact that a home is incomplete without having curtains over windows. The same way, an office is also incomplete without having the use of blinds.

It doesn’t mean a home and an office cannot be even without curtains, blinds, and drapes but, these three will enhance the beauty and give more aesthetic sensation to homes and offices.

For instance, you have curtains, blinds and drapes installed to your home windows it will definitely get dull in look due to dust, stains, dark spots, allergens, and whatsoever words come to your mind.

Here we will introduce you to some easy tips and tricks about clean curtains and drapes while hanging at your home.

Clean Curtains and Drapes while Hanging are not easy because, when begin you will be confused about what to do? How to do it? From where to start? All these questions will be shuffling into your mind.

Cleaning curtains and drapes are not easy if you are not familiar with this process before. You might get confused or you may not get the right idea how to start and where to start.

Prepare supplies to clean curtains and drapes at home

 First of all, you need to arrange cleaning essentials to perform the whole task at your home. Prepare a tub of warm water with mixed detergent. Mix some fresh odour in warm water it will remove all bad smells.

Prepare supplies to clean curtains and drapes at home

How to Clean Curtains and Drapes while Hanging

Several other methods can be applied for cleaning curtains. As we all know it very well that washing machine is not a suitable option for cleaning curtains and drapes efficiently.

When you start curtain cleaning while hanging, you need a broom with soft synthetic bristles, a vacuum, and a good odour spray for eliminating bad smells.

Curtains and drapes cleaning while hanging need weekly or monthly cleaning because we all know machine cleaning is more deeply. Brushing dust every week with a soft-bristled brush will have the same effect as machine washing.

Try to use more natural ingredients to fight common household odours like mildew because it is an effective alternative for more harsh household cleaners. Spray your drapes once a week it will make the surrounding air fresh and deodorize. Keep in mind one thing more about spraying not to spray drapes very closely. 3 to 5 inches far is best.

Prepare supplies to clean curtains and drapes at home


As we are talking about cleaning curtains and drapes while hanging. Vacuum cleaning is the most suitable technique. A powerful vacuum cleaner with a long attachment you will need to clean your curtains and drapes. Also, take help from a soft brush to get rid of dust during vacuum cleaning.

Shake them well

This is another technique you can try. With the help of someone, you can climb on a ladder to the top of your curtains from where you can first hold firmly and then shake them hard from the near pole or rod. Try this technique up to 3 times, this will dislodge stubborn dust and dirt. After finishing this Clean Curtains and Drapes while Hanging the surrounding area of your floors.

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Lint Brush

This method is especially for those curtains that are made of velvet materials. You can do this technique regularly due to its simplicity and easiness. If your curtains are very heavy to take down then this technique will save much of your time and energy.

Remove odours

And when you want to spread awesome odour in your room then go to the market and buy some air freshen spray available in different scents. Through this, you will give some quick Clean Curtains and Drapes while Hanging and make your room smell pleasant. This is for those who are pet owners and smokers.

Clean your windows

If you don’t clean and remove dust before cleaning your curtains and drapes then I think you are wasting your precious time and energy. Make sure to clean your window panes and grills first before you begin the work on your curtains. Now, use a wet towel for all the remaining grimes and tiny particles. Wait until your windows dry. By this, you can make sure your curtains will not get dirty.

As we breathe fresh air, let your curtains too

For curtains, it is also important to get fresh air, both after cleaning and at regular intervals during the day. It will help in keeping your room air fresh but also prevent mould.

Fabric softener

This is also a very simple technique that uses a fabric softener dryer sheet. Just like a lint roller brush rub it along the curtain and the added bonus will leave a more pleasant scent on the curtain.

What you will get by cleaning Curtains and Drapes

When you care and Clean Curtains and Drapes while Hanging after some time punctually you will count these benefits by fingers like no shrinkage, no odour, no risk of the colour run, no downtime, and long-lasting life.

Special care

Some curtains are expensive and fragile or difficult to bring down. If needed, call a professional to remove or clean the curtains for you easily and professionally.

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