How Professional Cleaners Clean Office Blinds


Cleaning office blinds can be intimidated and boring for a moment but one day or another you have to realize the importance of office blinds cleaning. But taking one step ahead can rid of dirt, dust, oils, grimes, shades and all kinds of allergens.

Cleaning office blinds is a complete professional task and we will share all the related steps and tips, dos and don’ts what more you don’t know.

In this write-up, we will try to minimize your frustration and will convert that into motivation towards office blinds cleaning. After all, this will improve your office workflow, office environment and employees’ health.

Prime Curtain Cleaning has a professional team of clean office blinds expertise, not everyone can do this job that is full of cleaning technicalities.

Here, we will split down every single step towards clean office blinds. Also, these techniques will help you out in finding a suitable cleaning company for your needs.

How Cleaning Experts Clean Office Blinds?

When it comes to office blinds cleaning then there are two types of cleaning such as routine cleaning and deep cleaning. These words are self-explanatory. Now, what type of cleaning your clean office blinds need is what is most important.

If you have not cleaned your office blinds for a very long time, then you will need a one-time deep cleaning to bring back that aesthetic sense when you brought it for the first time.

If you care about cleaning and maintenance of your office window blinds on a routine schedule then you do not need deep cleaning. In this way, your clean office blinds will look excellent, shining, attractive and will long-lasting.



Important Tools and Chemicals needed for Clean Office Blinds

For office blinds cleaning we need tools for both routine and deep-cleaning. The only difference between both types of cleaning is in how much time and chemicals have been consumed. And those four tools are:

  1. Scrubbing Brush– Hard and solid scrubbing brush is what you will need to remove hard stains, dust grimes, and deep-seated gunk which is difficult to remove.
  1. Degreaser– From the name, it is obvious that will decrease or remove anything like grease. Degreaser can help you in removing oils, grimes, stains, and sticky material on the blinds. When buying keep in mind that the degreaser should be environmentally friendly.
  1. Duster– Its only function is to cleanliness maintenance.
  1. Terry Cloth– This will absorb all the dirt and dust on blinds. There are different kinds of fabric terry cloth available in the market. Choose according to your needs.

Different Blinds need Different Treatment

There are a variety of blinds available in the market with different sizes, styles, and fabrics. For instance, Wood blinds bend with the weather. They can contract and expand according to weather conditions. To avoid this problem, people prefer to use fake wood blinds.

Moreover, Mini-metal blends are sensitive to weather. They need proper care because they bend very easily. So, to clean your mini-metal blends you have to be careful in the selection of cleaning services.

Mini-metal blends are expensive so do not compromise on a lack of professionalism and cheap price because they can break or scratch your expensive blinds.

Important Blinds Cleaning Tips

What are the tips that should be followed to avoid any harm and achieve the desired results? Here, we will share with you the most important and famous blinds cleaning tips.

  1. Find a stepping stool that has one or two or three steps(according to your requirement), that will ease your cleaning process.
  2. Use your fingers between blinds to measure how much dust is.
  3. Use the duster from the top of the window on any side and track down to the end.
  4. For heavier dust or dirt, use a degreaser of heavier gear.
  5. When cleaned blinds from the front then turn your blinds from upward. Now, repeat the same process of cleaning.
  6. Again, wipe the front side.
  7. Using a “Z” pattern for blind cleaning is also the best idea.
  8. Finally, dry blinds using a clean cloth.

These are the very simple and short time taking tips of blinds cleaning of any kind and in any condition. For office window blinds maintenance, you only need a duster out of four tools. No, need for the other three tools.

The office is the busiest place of working and if you don’t care about your office cleanliness then the danger is there! And if you maintain your office cleanliness, healthy environment, passion for working, and new ideas will generate and above all yourself and your employees will be healthy. And cleaning of office blinds has their role in all these factors.

Prime Curtain Cleaning has a special treatment for clean office blinds of all kinds and in any condition. We guarantee the quality of size, style, colour, and fabric of your blinds will be as new as you brought for the first time. Contact us for further information on 0450 850 297.