General Care for Your Curtains Cleaning

General Care for Your Curtains Cleaning

Curtains are the attention of every room. The attention of aesthetic sense goes on the peak when your room is filled with beautiful and clean curtains. Curtains are the safety for your room, for your privacy, shield from outside noises and insects to come in the room, curtains give a feeling of warmth, curtains fill the empty spaces of your room, curtains prevent harmful sun rays into your room, and curtains whatnot.

The real problem is how to take care of your expensive and beautiful curtains? Everyone likes to have a piece of curtains hanging but when it comes to care and safety then we become hesitant and confused. To what certain degree do you care for your curtains is the real question.

Now, when you have made up your mind, how can you take care of your curtains or drapes? Then you are ready, let’s have a close look.

First, Read the Curtains Cleaning Instructions

There are multiple kinds of curtains in the market according to their fabrics and made. Every curtain or drapes has a unique type of Curtains cleaning treatment. For example, you can’t clean the same way Velvet curtains and Grommet curtains. So, the point is to read very carefully every single instruction before anything happens to your expensive and beautiful curtains.

Curtains Cleaning

Important Instructions for Curtains Cleaning

  1. If you are in hurry or out of time then wash your curtains in the washing machine.
  2. Always read the label on the curtain and choose the moderate option.
  3. If it allows you, wash your curtains by hand.
  4. Takedown your curtains very very carefully, remove all hooks, and anything attached to them.
  5. When the curtain has any stains or dark spots, try a light stain remover somewhere hidden place of the curtain. It will affirm if any damage happens to your curtain. Avoid smearing curtains with your hands.
  6. Ready warm water that is suitable for body temperature. Mix soap or detergent as much as the water. Now, soak those places and massage if needed gently for 3 to 4 minutes. Don’t scrub too hard it can damage the fabrics. Rinse the curtains until all the dirty water and stains are removed.
  7. After Curtains cleaning, wrap the curtains in a soft towel to absorb any extra water and moisture before hanging. This can help you in not stretching the curtains.

Do not Tumble Dry

When you are done with curtains cleaning, always dry them naturally. Drying them outdoor is the best but indoors is also not a bad idea. Your curtains actually need sufficient air. Avoid tumble because it can damage the fabric no matter how much hard. For a hard fabric, use iron on low heat to remove any creases but be careful not to burn them.

Washing Curtain is the Best

Washing is the best for most of the curtains. It is recommended by Prime Curtain Cleaning experts to clean curtains after every three months. Curtains Cleaning after some time will keep your curtains fresh and smell lovely. Keep in mind not to wait for dark spots or stains to appear but it is strictly advisable to have a scheduled to clean.

When to Steam Clean?

Regular cleaning, washing, and dry cleaning are much needed and appreciated but after a long time deep steam cleaning is what we preferred. Curtain steam cleaning will remove all the fungus, bacteria, allergic and deep stains when the regular cleaning did not work. Steam cleaning will also enhance the life of your curtains and drapes.

General Care for Your Curtains Cleaning

Are you looking for curtains or drapes that will last a long time? Keep in mind the following tips for good housekeeping:

To prevent your drapes from sun damage, use a lining or interlining. This may also help with the thermal insulation of your home, resulting in lower energy costs.

Replace the drapes. Alternate the designs seasonally to protect them from sun damage. If your windows face south, where the sun is most likely to shine, this is very important.

In the first place, ironing curtains is not recommended. Allow them to hang freely outside, if possible. You can iron after some water is dropped.

Keep them out of reach of minors. In places like children’s bedrooms or playrooms, choose a style that hangs down to the windowsill rather than the floor. This reduces the risk of tripping and protects the drapes from unclean hands!

Well, Contact our team of experts for help if you’re not sure how to clean your curtains or where to find a curtain cleaning service. Otherwise, Prime Curtain Cleaning offers multiple cleaning services like Curtain Cleaning Sydney, Drapes Cleaning Sydney, Dry Curtain Cleaning Sydney, Window Blinds Cleaning Sydney and many more.