Drapes Dry Cleaning Vs Steam Cleaning – Which Should You Get?

People in favor of drapes dry cleaning say many good things about it. Also, companies upselling curtain steam cleaning say much good about it as well. However, the choice might be more dependent on drapery fabrics, budget and convenience. Here below, we discuss curtains Drapes Dry Cleaning Vs Steam Cleaning in great detail. Read along to find out which should you get:

Drapes Dry Cleaning Service

So, how does the drapery dry cleaning work? Well, the simple answer is that there are no liquid substances involved in the entire fabric dry cleaning process. This very trait gives the primary characteristic edge of having no shrinkage risk at all.

At the core, organic solvents are used to remove stains, dust and any unwanted materials. At times, very small amount of water may be used. But mostly, no liquids are ever used in the drapes dry cleaning process. The process will take few hours with taken down curtains and drapes.

Drapes Steam Cleaning

On the other hand, drapery steam cleaning is a much faster process. Most of it can be done when curtains hang on windows. Drapes steam cleaning will involve high tech steam equipment. This piece of equipment will contain a steam blower.

Water would be fed in from one side or the device may have an attached water container. The steam blower device also maintains a higher than warm steam temperature. This steam passes through the fabric strands breaking down all foreign particles including stains, odors and/or dust.

Why You Should Choose Drapes Dry Cleaning?

Both drapes dry cleaning and steam cleaning will offer their distinctive advantages. Purpose of both should be the same that is to make your curtains stain, allergen and odor free. Here are few reasons why curtain fabrics dry cleaning should be chosen over steam cleaning:

1.    Drapery Stain Removal

Of course, the first reason you choose drapes cleaning of any kind is to get stain removal. Dust marks, tea/coffee spills and food stains along with many others can land on your drapery fabrics. Drapes dry cleaning with advanced solvents breaks down all stain causing substances. Drapery stain removal is very much possible with dry cleaning solutions when you get them from the right service provider like Prime Curtain cleaning.

2.    Drapes Fabrics Deodorization with Dry Cleaning

Another reason for drapes cleaning is strong odors being produced from their fabrics. Bad odors can cause drapery to lose its appeal and even make people not stay longer inside rooms. Drapery dry cleaning has the ability to provide deodorization finishes. The advanced solvent solutions break down odor producing bacteria making them go away from the fabrics.

3.    Shrinkage Free Drapery Cleaning Guarantee

Of course, the biggest reason drapes dry cleaning has become so popular is its shrinkage free nature. Naturally, the technique involves no liquids like water and others. No water and liquid treatment guarantee no fabric shrinking problem for curtains and window drapery. This is why most people would prefer fabric dry cleaning depending on the nature of the fabric. When you get stain removal and deodorization without fabric shrinkage, there is no better option right.

4.    Instant Dried and Ready to Use Curtains

Since there is no water or liquid exposure, dry cleaned curtains and drapes are ready to use after the process. Washed and steam cleaned fabrics will need many hours for them to completely dry out. Drapes dry cleaning enables fabrics to be rehung quickly and often immediately after being cleaned. However, the overall time taken by the process might be longer than steam cleaning per say.

5.    Drapes Dry Cleaning Needs to Be Done Offsite

Normally, curtains dry cleaning involves solvent solutions that cannot be very mobile. At times, onsite dry cleaning can also be provided but the process remains mostly offsite. Also, drapes and curtains will be needed to be removed, dry cleaned and then rehung. There is almost no way of dry cleaning window fabrics while they hang on windows at any time.

Why Steam Cleaning for Drapery?

So, what makes drapery steam cleaning so good? Believe it or not, many people choose steam cleaning for various reasons over dry cleaning. It is quicker and might be more affordable depending on who you get your service from. Read below to find out some advantages for curtains steam cleaning:

1.    Greater Stain and Allergen Breakdown

While fabric dry cleaning provides good stain removal and allergen breakdown, drapery steam cleaning is on a higher level. Hot steam blown from the steam cleaning device breaks down even the tiniest parts of stains and all kinds of allergens. For dried out persistent hard stains, steam cleaning is surely the way to go. Drapes dry cleaning might not provide such advanced stain and allergen removal.

2.    Enhanced Color Revitalization for Fabrics

While the steam passes through fabric strands, freshness gets restored as well. In addition to removing allergens and stains, curtains steam cleaning also provides fabric color revitalization. Water brings freshness back and hot steam doubles down on it. When you have some color shading, steam cleaning can help bring out the best. However, steam cleaning will only work a few times before fabric actually loses color.

3.    Great Curtain Fabric Disinfection and Deodorization

When you need curtain disinfection and deodorization, drapery steam cleaning will provide best results. Without using and disinfectant chemicals, steam cleaning provides best levels of germs removal. Steam cleaning has the ability to make bacteria and viruses of all kinds go away for good. The hot temperature of the steam kills them off. Removing bacteria also enhances the deodorization process bringing back that feel of freshness.

4.    Steam Cleaning Can Be Done On Site

Another great benefit of curtain steam cleaning is that it can be done on site. Steam cleaning equipment is light and portable that can be brought to your home and office. Prime Curtain Cleaning offers onsite drapery steam cleaning anywhere in and around the Sydney region. This service is particularly convenient and high quality getting rid of fabric stains, allergens and odors.

5.    Steam Cleaning Can Be Done on Hanging Curtains

Adding to the onsite serviceability, drapes steam cleaning can also be done while the curtains hang on windows. Unlike drapes dry cleaning, you don’t have to takedown window fabrics for steam cleaning. This makes for very quick service and great time savings. Moreover, steam cleaning can also be much cheaper than dry cleaning since it involves less man hours.

Drapes Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

So, which one is for you? Drapes dry cleaning or steam cleaning? Well, the perfect selection of service will depend on some factors. If you need something quick and easy, steam cleaning might be your way to go. However, if you are someone who wants your curtains to be usable right after they get cleaned, dry cleaning will provide instant usability.

Also, the biggest factor will be curtain fabric type and materials. When you have shrinking friendly fabrics like cotton and others, drapery dry cleaning will be the suitable option. Shrinkage can make curtains lose their shape completely. When fabrics have been shrunk already or are not shrinking types, steam cleaning will provide cheaper more time saving measures for curtain cleaning needs.