Worried About Curtain Shrinkage? Get Drapery Dry Cleaning in Sydney

Curtain Cleaning Hacks

Curtains and drapes are made from fabrics. Usually, these fabrics can contain cotton or other materials that are likely to shrink. If your fabrics haven’t already been shrunk and you wash or steam clean them, they are likely to lose shape and form. It is the nature of these fabrics that makes them shrink upon first exposure to water and liquids. Post first time exposure can also sometimes cause curtain shrinkage. Drapery dry cleaning offers best results.

It is right to be worried about shrinkage like that for your window fabrics. Most extreme cases of curtain shrinkage can really make your fabrics lose their shape altogether. This is where get drapery dry cleaning in Sydney comes useful indeed. Since there is no liquid of water exposure, dry cleaning does the job of fabrics cleaning without shrinkage. Read through to find out more.

Curtain Shrinkage Is Very Real

First thing to note is that curtain shrinkage is very real and it does happen 100% of the time. Of course, it will not happen for all fabric types. Silk curtains are usually not likely to shrink. Simple cotton drapery or even lace and net do get this shrinkage problem. Depending on the fabric, its intensity can vary too.

If cotton or its related fabrics are not shrunk already, upon first water or liquid exposure, they will shrink. And with curtains or drapes, you cannot be sure about them being already shrunk or not. This is why drapery dry cleaning is the best solution for window fabrics.

Also, you will find that different fabrics can get shrinkage of different intensities as well. Some actually shrink so much that their sizes change quite dramatically. Others will have some shrinkage that can cause loss of shape and form as well. It is best to check your labels for information.

Lot of Curtains Lose Shape and Form

Many curtains and window drapery lose shape and form when exposed to water for the first time. Many times, this curtain shrinkage problem can be very intense. From reducing their size to disturbing the shapes, shrinkage can do many unwanted things.

In fact, according to many surveys, 30-45% curtains get replaced prematurely because of shrinkage. Being exposed to detergents and liquids can cause the fabrics to lose shape quite badly. Quality drapery costs a great deal of money as well. Its best to get a solution that doesn’t cause drapery shrinkage.

Instead of spending hundreds every so often on curtain replacements, you should instead get dry cleaning. Without liquid and water exposure, dry cleaning experts like Prime Curtain Cleaning remove all dirt and stains from your fabrics. The service is actually quicker and more convenient as well.

Water and Liquid Cause Shrinkage

So, what is it with fabrics that makes them shrink so bad? Cotton and textile in general are very susceptible to shrinkage. It is within the individual strands of the fabrics that are bound together through the spinning process. Water and liquid exposure can cause quite a bit of shrinkage.

When water hits their surface, fabrics tend to tighten their tiny strands. Fabrics also lose some part of their softness because of that. This is why polyester often gets mixed into cotton for drapery. Curtain shrinkage can be helped greatly by missing non-shrinking materials.

Even smallest water exposure can cause fabric shrinkage. Drapery dry cleaning is designed to work without any liquid exposure. Hence the name dry cleaning for it. However, shrinkage doesn’t affect all fabric types. Check the labels for details on the matter.

Dry Cleaning in Sydney Is the Way to Go

Drapery dry cleaning is the way to go when looking for shrinkage-free cleaning. Through research, companies have found out chemicals and dry cleaning in Sydney agents that do the job without any liquids. These agents are applied on the drapery surface making sure all foreign unwanted materials are removed.

Dry cleaning in Sydney is definitely the way to go for curtains, drapery and all kinds of window fabrics. Unless you are 100% sure about there being no shrinkage issues, its best to be careful. Also, dry cleaning in Sydney takes care of all fabric stains, odors and allergens just as regular steam cleaning does.

With Prime Curtain Cleaning, you can get doorstep onsite drapery dry cleaning as well. No need to bring your curtains anywhere at all. Our experts can reach your doorstep anywhere in Sydney offering quick quality service. It brings convenience and service quality satisfaction as well.

Get Drapery Dry Cleaning in Sydney Removes Stains, Allergens and Odors

It is a common misconception that only steam cleaning and washing makes curtains clean. Prime Curtain Cleaning offers high attention to detail with our leading drapery dry cleaning solutions. In addition to offering curtain shrinkage peace of mind, our dry cleaning in Sydney also cleans your drapery perfectly.

We have been providing dry cleaning for curtain fabrics of all types for many years now. Our experienced and trained individuals get to your doorstep anywhere in Sydney with leading get drapery dry cleaning in Sydney service. We help remove all kinds of persistent stains, unwanted odors and allergens.

Prime Curtain Cleaning is a trusted drapery dry cleaning service provider in Sydney. We offer quick same day cleaning for your residential or commercial and office used drapery. Get in touch now and get shrinkage-free drapes cleaning with all kinds of stains and odors removed as well.

Why Drapery Dry Cleaning in Sydney Suits Best?

So, what makes drapery dry cleaning the safest option? For starters, it will guarantee shrinkage-free curtain cleaning at your doorstep. Other forms of curtain cleaning don’t match some particular benefits of dry cleaning.

  • Drapery dry cleaning provides no shrinkage fabrics cleaning quickly
  • Doorstep onsite dry cleaning brings a lot of convenience and satisfaction
  • With dry cleaning, there is no drying time or waiting time for usage. Instant curtain usage or rehang works best for all scenarios
  • Quality dry cleaning gets rid of all kinds of stains, odors and allergens quickly
  • Same day quick dry cleaning solutions make your curtains clean in no time at all
  • Dry cleaning is also one of the more affordable drapery cleaning solutions available today