6 Easy Curtain Cleaning Hacks You Didn’t Know

Curtains and drapes are usually made from different kinds of fabric materials. Fabrics, as we all know, hold dust and allergens in their core. This is why food stains like tea/coffee spills and oils or grimes stick to them so well as well. Some curtain cleaning hacks are all you need to guarantee your drapes allergic-free nature. Here are some great hacks:

1: Use a Vacuum Cleaner on Light Setting for Curtain Cleaning Hacks

Our first hack just needs a regular vacuum cleaner. Many households know vacuums as hoovers. Nifty curtain cleaning hacks like these ones can use any type of a vacuum cleaner as well. All you need is to turn it to low setting. Light setting should be enough for curtain cleaning requirements.

Curtain fabrics usually hang onto dust that settles when any kind of liquid gets sprayed on them. When you vacuum the cloth, all dust can be removed. Vacuum cleaner cleaning hacks for curtains are very good when you have just the dust problem.

However, hacks like these will not be any good against stains or odors. You will need professional curtain steam cleaning or washing to get rid of those. Prime Curtain Cleaning can help when you need proper stain removal and deodorization for fabrics of any kinds.

2: Remove Fabric Stains Immediately – Don’t Waste Time

Another tip or hack is to get rid of stains immediately. Any food stains, liquid spills or whatnots only get tougher with time. Stains dry out and become hardy when you leave them for any length of time. The best way for this is to clean them immediately as soon as you see any stains.

Curtain cleaning hacks like this one can stop your drapery from becoming a mess. Stains can only accumulate making the whole fabric look dirty and fully stain covered. When you wash off stains fresh when they are still soft and new, you have a great chance of getting rid of them completely.

Problem is with inner lining of stain fabric strands. As soon as stains reach there, they become really hard to get rid of. Once you have dried out stains, you will surely need professional help. This is where Prime Curtain Cleaning can provide the curtain cleaning service you need.

3: A Cloth Duster or Lint Roller Works Great

Lot of people think about curtain cleaning to be done by fully dipping it in pools of water. However, a lot can be done with some simple curtain cleaning hacks. One just like that is to use a cloth duster. The cloth will be used to put away all the dust resident on the fabric surface.

It is always a great idea to cover your nose and mouth with a face mask. Especially, people with breathing allergies will need this necessarily. Also, you might need to do a light dusting in the room where you apply cloth duster to the curtain.

Once you have taken off all the dust, use a lint roller to grab all the whatnots. Lint rollers do a good job of taking of dried out stains. Light food stains and any pet hair can be removed with these. For a full deep stain removal job, you will need professional help.

4: Go for Curtain Dry Cleaning Instead of Wet Cleaning

Curtain shrinkage is a big problem depending on the material of the fabric. Cotton, lace and many other fabric types are very much prone to shrinkage. Usually, quality curtains come with cleaning instructions. If yours says the fabric is shrinkable, make sure to not wet clean them at all.

Our curtain cleaning hacks also include fabric dry cleaning. High-quality curtain dry cleaning solutions involve no water or liquids at all. With these, you have no risk of fabric shrinkage at all. Curtain dry cleaning hacks can also be applied while they hang on windows.

Advanced dry cleaning solutions work like magic. All you do is apply the solutions on your fabrics and all stains with bad odors disappear magically. Prime Curtain Cleaning offers advanced fabric dry cleaning at your doorstep anywhere in and around Sydney today.

5: Homemade Curtain Cleaning Hacks with Solutions

Do you believe in homemade curtain cleaning solutions? We have one just for you if you do. Making your curtain cleaning solution will save a lot of money as well. It is also a very easy task once you know what to make and how to do it.

Curtain cleaning hacks like this can produce great results too. Simply combine water with liquid soap and add some white vinegar into the mixture. Shake the mixture well until everything blends nicely. Now, transfer the mixture into a spray bottle to make it easy for application.

Apply the mixture on the curtain’s-stained areas. Ideally, spray it over the entire fabric surface to make everything look even. Curtain cleaning techniques like this can make your curtains look new. For deeper more resilient stains and odors, professional service is always a phone call away.

6: Call Prime Curtain Cleaning Today!

Tried all of the abovementioned curtain cleaning hacks and still have some work to be done? Don’t worry. Many curtains and drapes can have hardy stains and odors that just don’t go away easily. For such instances, Prime Curtain Cleaning is a service you can rely on in and around Sydney.

Call our service today and we will provide curtain cleaning at your doorstep anywhere in Sydney. We help remove all kinds of unwanted stains and also provide quality deodorization service. We also have special dry cleaning solutions that offer shrinkage free cleaning any time.

When curtain cleaning hacks and homemade solutions don’t work, Prime Curtain Cleaning does. Our experts bring back the good as new feeling back for your curtains and drapes. Call today and plan your visit for same day or any day of the week.