Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains

Curtains are very important parts of any room decoration. Window dressings play a vital role in your room’s aesthetic profile. Stained, bad smelling and dusty curtains can kill even the best of moods. Curtains and drapes like this can put your mood off and make you want to leave the room. Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains, you shouldn’t ignore any kinds of stains. However, it is easy to overlook some as they might be too difficult to remove or too small to notice.

Quite often, many people also don’t inspect their curtains after washing or cleaning them. This leads to some stains being left unchecked on the fabric. Various stains can end up accumulating odor producing bacteria and even spreading or fading the color of fabric. To prevent all these, you must ensure proper stain removal while cleaning curtains. Advanced Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains techniques must be used that get rid of hardiest stains. Afterall, clean curtains bring freshness into your rooms.

Tea/Coffee Stains

One of the worst kinds of curtain stains are tea/coffee spills. There is so much going on in tea or coffee that they leave hardiest stains on fabrics. Depending on the materials of your fabrics, these stains can vary in removal difficulty. Also, it is easy to let tea/coffee stains be Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains.

So, why do people leave tea/coffee stains on their curtains? Majorly because they are damn hard to get rid of. You wouldn’t want to rub the fabric too much or wash it too many times in the washer. These are easily some of the longest living stains on drapery fabrics.

However, easy tea/coffee stain removal solutions like lime juice, white vinegar and baking soda work magically. Use any of these techniques or more than one on your tea/coffee stains. Most stains can be easily removed with either of these solutions permanently from fabrics.

Pen Writings and Ink Stains

Got kids in the house? If you do, you will be aware of pen writings and ink stains on just about everything. Curtains and drapes included. Dear kids just love to express their writing skills on any surface (not even a surface) they can reach. They will write on your curtain fabrics if they get the chance.

Some pen ink stains just get left alone as they are very hard to get rid of. Ballpoint pens, special ink fountain pens and permanent markers leave hardy stains. The worst part is that upon wash, these stains get even worse. They get discolored and spread looking even worse than before wash.

Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains should always include all kinds of inks removal. Usually, an efficient tip is to use dishwashing liquid with warm water. Do not use too hot water as it will damage the fabric. If this doesn’t work, you have Prime Curtain Cleaning to call in and around Sydney any day of the week.

Cleaning Curtains

Dried Chewing Gum

Ok. Now we are into the worst kinds of curtain stains territory. Hard to imagine but chewing gum might not also be a stain. It would be a bacteria filled substance on your curtains that can be left by anyone. Again, kids might have to do a lot with this as well. Even adults can accidently leave gum on curtains.

Depending on the fabric of your drapes, chewing gum can cause worst kind of damage. At worst, you could end up tearing the fabric or having to cut it out of the fabric. Now, no one wants a gaping hole in the fabric of their curtains and drapes right.

Yet, Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains should always involve chewing gum and its stains removal. These can quickly become bacteria colonies if left unchecked. Guest what can help. Ice! Yes, ice. Apply some ice and freeze the chewing gum. It should come off almost by itself when completely frozen. Handy right!

Candle Wax in Curtain Fabrics

If you use candles frequently, candle wax can end up in your curtains. And it can be pretty darn hard to get out as well. When it gets to the fabrics hot, wax can cause quite the damage. It will harden and embed itself inside core of the fabrics unwantedly too.

A great tip is to place a white cloth over it and then run your iron on warm setting over it. Wax should melt and become easier to take off. However, this will not work sometimes. Give Prime Curtain Cleaning a call and we will make your Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains job much easier.

Greases and Pet Urine

Greases from windowpanes, handles and whatnot can end up on your curtain fabrics. Use dishwashing soap for them. However, even dishwashing soap will not take off all kinds of greases. For cleaning curtains in Sydney, Prime Curtain Cleaning always helps remove grease stains.

Pet urine can end up everywhere you don’t wait it. This may include your drapes fabrics as well. For Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains, try using vinegar solution for your pet urine stains. Essential oils should work to suppress the smell. However, for complete pet urine removal, Prime Curtain Cleaning can always help.

Wine or Juice Stains

Foods including liquid drinks can literally end up everywhere around the house. Wine and juice are some of most commonly used drinks for every household. Depending on the nature of your curtain fabric, these can be the toughest stains to get rid of. Also, red wine will be worse than white wine too.

So, salt and cold water can actually help with wine and juice stains. Make a solution and rinse the stained area with it. This should work most of the times making your drapes free from wine and juice stains. Pay attention to these Stains Not to Avoid While Cleaning Curtains as they can be bacterial outposts in no time.

Prime Curtain Cleaning Can Help in and Around Sydney

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