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Blinds Cleaning Tips

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Just like curtains window blinds are also an important part of your home. Imagine, the way the blinds let the early morning light into your room can be the best view of the day to start. Window blinds really enhance the aesthetic sense of your room.

But, window blinds can also create problems. Really?  The sweet and simple answer is “Yes”. Think when the last time you cleaned your blinds? And you will reach the problems. How much dust and dirt are your blinds be carrying? If these questions make sense to you then this is a good time to read this article.

Here, I am happy to share with you tips and tricks about window blind cleaning from the experts. Don’t worry about what style and design of blinds you have in your home.

In this article, our focus will be on the most famous and most used window blinds types- Roman blinds, Roller blinds, and Venetian blinds.

How to Window Blinds Cleaning Tips?

Venetian blinds has three common types such as wooden, synthetic, and plastic. You should be prepared for clean Venetian blinds. Wait for a minute, before deep cleaning makes sure to remove the heavy attached dust and dirt, this short time activity will make it easy to deep clean your window blinds.

While applying your blind cleaning solution or product, test it on a small hidden area of the blinds before any damage happens to your blinds. When done these small activities, now move on to the next step.

Experts suggest and like to put down a towel on the ground or floor according to the blind size to capture the dust and dirt or other small materials.

Regular Window Blinds Cleaning Tips

These are the simple steps to do. Clean the dust and dirt from your blinds. You can do this by vacuuming them, or by using a duster if they suit. Close one side slats of the blinds, and remove the dust and vice versa.

Blinds Cleaning

Deep Blinds Cleaning

Not always but once a year or according to the condition of your blinds will need deep cleaning. You can do deep clean without taking them down. Don’t forget to put down a towel to capture the remaining dust.

Take a soft and white or clean cloth and dump it in a mixture of warm water and vinegar( vinegar is a great domestic solvent for removing any mould).

Now, use the damp cloth on the stain areas or where grime cannot remove easily. Be very careful if have wooden Venetian blinds because they can warp them. Blinds Cleaning experts suggest you buy a special product for wooden blinds.

If you have metal blinds, using Gumption might be the best for removing any rust.

Rinse and repeat the Blinds cleaning process.

Cleaning Roman Blinds

The best way to clean your Roman blinds is by using a vacuum cleaner. Now, open your roman blinds, using a vacuum pipe or attachment, gently use the brush the fabric in a downwards position. Keep in mind, experts suggest cleaning the Roman blinds in a “Z” style. This cleaning technique will surprise you.

Also, you can wash and dry clean your Roman blinds.

Cleaning Roller Blinds

There are two most common types of Roller blinds- fabric and synthetic. Our Prime Curtain Cleaning experts suggest two types of cleaning for Roller blinds. One is vacuum cleaning and the other is using a damp cloth.

Vacuuming your Roller Blinds

If you have a vacuum cleaner with the right attachment in your home, then this is the most simple cleaning method. Use vacuum cleaner thoroughly on both sides your blind will maintain their freshness.

Using cloth for Roller Blinds Cleaning

The same process applies here too as we discussed above in the Venetian blinds section. When done cleaning, leave your blinds until they are fully dry. Keep in mind that regular cleaning will keep your blinds fresh and long life. And also, you will need lesser deep cleaning which is very much a professional task.

Important Tip: Roller blinds weigh the bottom, which collects the majority of the dirt. If the crevice between the fabric and the weight isn’t kept clean, dirt will build up and become difficult to remove.

Why do you need Window Blinds Cleaning?

The question is how do you feel when you don’t take bath regularly? Without any doubt, your answer will be “too bad”. Same as the case with window blinds, if you don’t clean them regularly then ready for their consequences. You and your family can fall into bad health conditions due to small particles of allergens or grime on the blinds. Cleaning and maintaining your window blinds regularly is a piece of great news for you and your family members health.

These are some of the best of the best window blinds cleaning tips from Prime Curtain Cleaning Sydney experts.  We not only provide cleaning tips and tricks but also serve multiple cleaning services in and around Sydney, Australia. Prime Curtain cleaning provides Curtain Cleaning Sydney, Curtain Dry Cleaning, Onsite Curtain Cleaning, Drapes Cleaning Sydney, and Curtain Pressing and Maintenance. For more about cleaning, call us on 0450 850 297.