Australian Way of Cleaning Your Blinds 2022


Australian Way of Cleaning Your Blinds

These advanced hacks will save you Time and Money!

Don’t you think from the day you brought your blinds, now the blinds have a thick layer of dust or grime. What do you think? Yes, you are thinking right, to clean them and to keep them dirt-free.

We have an Australian way to rescue Way of Cleaning Your Blinds tips and hacks. But remember some golden rules to follow:

  1. Don’t try or soak your blinds in the bath. Read manufacturer’s instructions before anything bad is done to your blinds.
  2. You can damage your blinds by vacuuming without an upholstery pipe attachment.
  3. Also, do not put your fabric blinds in the washing machine. The washing machine may down the fabric material or bobble or fade. Instead, contact a professional blinds dry cleaner.

Keep in mind these golden rules about blinds cleaning. Here, are the Way of Cleaning Your Blinds tips and hacks for Roman, Vertical, wooden, and Venetian blinds.

Sock Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are mostly made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride- used for electrical insulation) or aluminium. They both are best in dust and dirt collection. So, cleaning your Venetian blinds with a microfiber cloth or soft white cotton can also have the best result.

You will need a soft sock and put that into a bowl or mug of warm water. Mix the cleaning detergent or solution ( make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or irritants), now place the sock on a rope until it is dry.

Now, the next method we are going is too amazing and interesting. Place your right hand in the soft and cleaned sock. Make sock proper in hand and start cleaning the blinds from top to bottom in the “Z” style. The “Z” style is the most perfect style for cleaning blinds because the blinds have slats. Avoid this style of cleaning for wooden Venetian blinds.

You can go in Way of Cleaning Your Blinds one step further. There are designed devices for cleaning blind slats such as pincers with a sponge. These devices can save time.

Way of Cleaning Your Blinds

Leaving House- Keep Your Blinds all wrapped up

When you have made your mind to leave this house then you wrap all the necessary items. When it comes to blinds, put down, wrap them well because blinds can get dirt and dust very easily.

Wrap the blinds in cling film plastic. The cling film will keep them unravelling and away from the dirt and dust. Enjoy less stress and less Way of Cleaning Your Blinds. Easy!

Maintain Your Roman Blinds

Cleaning experts say that the accordion-style folded fabric of Roman blinds is perfect prone and catchable to staining, dust and dirt.  For a normal dusting, regular vacuuming your blinds keep them dust and dirt free.

But for hard or stubborn stains and dark spots, then an advanced approach is needed to apply. Use a damp or soft cloth for removing little fabric stains but don’t go hard because it can damage or make the spots visible. And your blinds will look dirty.

If dark spots and stains are too much, then you can consider taking them to a professional dry cleaner. A dry cleaner will clean them well and lessen the chance of the Roman fabric being damaged.

Vertical Blinds on a Roll

Vertical blinds are known for their low maintenance, not being easily attracted to dust and dirt. You can clean vertical blinds through the headrail and winding mechanism.

Moreover, unclip aal the vertical slats (louvres) from the headrail and wipe the area with a soft moist cloth. While avoiding the winding mechanism stiff and hard, lubricate it with some silicon spray. The spray will keep them oiled, and smooth the mechanism of the blind.

Make Your Wooden Blinds Look Fresh

As we all know wood is porous, so be careful and when removing stains and dust. Our Way of Cleaning Your Blinds tricks and hacks will keep your wooden blinds safe.

Add a few washing drops to a cup or bowl of warm water, with one tablespoon of baking soda. Now drench a microfiber cloth into the mug or bowl, then let it dry.

After drying, softly wipe each slat and don’t apply too much pressure because it can leave stains on the wood.

After finishing Way of Cleaning Your Blinds, keep your window blinds open for 10 to 15 minutes. When getting dry finally, your wooden blinds will look new and refreshing.

Above all, you know and we all know, prevention is the best cure. You will face much stubborn dirt, dust, grimes and stains but keeping these tips and hacks will make your cleaning easy and timely.

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