All You Need to Know about Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning

Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning

All You Need to Know about Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning 

If someone asks about the world precious gift, what will come to your mind first? Obviously, without taking a single breath, it will be “Life”. And, if I ask one more question from you that what is the gift of life. I am sure your answer will be “Health”. Because health is wealth, health is freedom, health is the dream of life, and health is whatnot, it is everything.

And, when we get sick then the most known and visited place is the hospital. In a hospital, maintain a hospital privacy curtains environment well-clean is as vital as the treatment of a patient’s life.

In recent research, it is claimed that 92% of the hospitals’ privacy curtains are contaminated with bacteria and viruses. According to the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”(CDC) report that 1 in 25 US patients are affected by healthcare-associated infection (HAI) and it costs $45 billion per year.

Here, we will deep dive into hospital privacy curtains infection, we need to understand all the angles from all the sides.

How does Healthcare manage its Privacy Curtains Cleaning

Healthcare textiles as Infectious Agent

Health scientists and doctors investigated and concluded that healthcare textiles such as privacy curtains, upholstery, blinds, and apparel etc. are the vibrant cross-contamination and transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs). For instance, vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Studies have shown that microorganisms spread by patients can contaminate healthcare environment surfaces at a sufficient level. And these pathogens can survive for a long time.

How does Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning?

In a hospital, changing out curtains can be time taking and managing them can become a full-time job.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) like organizations provide worldwide guidelines for healthcare facilities about contaminated textiles. The CDC and HLAC guidelines are somehow different from each other but no one can question their credibility.

They suggest that achieving optimal water temperature, dedicated process flow and a dry Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning time cannot be possible at healthcare facilities, and same at homes.

Moreover, laundering curtains can be an effective way to maintain the hospital environment for patients clean and safe by removing pathogens and other microorganisms, if CDC and HLAC guidelines are followed strictly.

HLAC recommends at least hygiene Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning.

CDC also advises that reducing viruses and bacteria on contaminated linen or curtains by dry cleaning is not such an effective way. Same concerns about home dry cleaning which uses temperature low water and detergent not made specifically for healthcare textiles to eliminate pathogens.

So, those who provide healthcare launderer solutions will be considered due to hygienically clean and sanitization.

Infection Prevention Standards for Hospital Curtain Cleaning

Infection Prevention Standards for Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning

Cleaning standards vary to vary for different industries. Every industry has known guidelines to follow, so to achieve the expected results. Same as the case with the healthcare industry they have set guidelines made by medical experts and doctors to provide patients’ healthy and friendly environment.

Here, we will deep dive into the healthcare laundry cleaning suggestions by doctors, medical experts, and hospital management.

Clean your hospital privacy curtains according to your budget.

Healthcare cleaning experts recommend laundering your privacy curtains with hot water and bleach that kills microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. Also, steam cleaning kills everything that lingers on the healthcare textiles such as curtains, drapes, and apparel.

You can also eliminate germs by physical means by steam vapour machine. You don’t need to bring down curtains when Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning with a steam vapour machine. And, because of contamination or infection, curtains need steam cleaning instead of laundering.

Using UV-C Technology

Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning expert Tanner suggests UV-C technology for the entire room for decontamination for hard and porous surfaces. Also, UV-C technology is reliable and doesn’t miss any surface. Disinfecting the whole room using Ultraviolet (UV) that contains a “C” band, which works as a natural sanitiser.

Experts also suggest disposable privacy curtains. They are inexpensive and can easily be installed. And one can remove it in a minute.

Transfer of Germs from Moving People

Hospital Privacy Curtain Cleaning expert Tanner also noted that when people move the privacy curtains from their hands the chances of deposition of germs and other microorganisms go to a high level. And the other greatest source of aerosol deposition is when someone coughs and sneezes. And soon it is observed that from moving one ward to another ward of people or hospital staff germs were transferred easily.

With fewer movements of doctors, patients, cleaning staff, and visitors we can reduce curtains contamination in the healthcare environment. Researches warn that infectious diseases are at a peak in healthcare places.

Avoid Using Drapes

Drapes have more attraction and aesthetic feelings as compare to curtains. Drapes are encouraged to use in homes. In a hospital, drapes have a high record of infectious disease transmission due to often being touched by hospitals personnel. Drapes are best at absorbing airborne pollutants, dust, chemical and allergens, that’s why they are worst at keeping a healthy environment. Also, drapes are expensive and avoiding them is better for both patients’ health and the healthcare environment.

We all know hospitals are the understood places for contaminated or germs or infectious diseases using textiles like privacy curtains, drapes, blinds, upholstery and apparel etc. The alarming situation is that now our homes, offices, flats, apartments, restaurants/hotels, event hall etc are also in danger from infectious diseases.

Now, Prime Curtain Cleaning has decided to eradicate contaminants or germs from every place. We have extended and brought an offer for all kinds of activities areas to serve such hospitals, schools, halls, offices. We have a special team of steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and healthcare centres. We are available all weak at any time at any place in and around Sydney, Australia. Make sure your home, office, school, and clinic environment are hygienically clean and safe at a low cost.