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All about Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds Cleaning

Do you have Curtains or drapes or blinds? Do not they get dust and dirt? We hope that all of you will shake your heads in the gesture of “Yes”. And, are you an inhabitant of Sydney, Australia? If this is also “yes” then choose for your cleaning Prime Curtain Cleaning. Why? Why not Prime Curtain Cleaning!

We are licensed and certified Sydney Curtains, drapes, and blinds cleaning company with all the professional cleaning requirements. Our professional cleaning experts have all the professional certificates that will make sure the freshness you wish for.

Prime Curtain Cleaning offers a list of interior cleaning services such as simple curtain and Blinds cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, curtain steam cleaning, window blinds cleaning, drapes or draperies cleaning, offsite curtain cleaning, onsite curtain cleaning, curtain pressing and maintenance cleaning services.

Here, we will briefly explain all of the above cleaning services:

Blinds Cleaning

 Professional Curtain Cleaning Sydney- Australia

Curtains are the most attractive and defining part of any home and office. You can’t run from their importance starting from avoiding all the exterior noises, coming sunlight, insects, dust and dirt, and above all, they protect your private life.

When curtains are fighting all the above then one day they get a lot of dust and dirt. Then here, the role of professional curtain cleaning comes into action. Curtain Cleaning Sydney is all ready and steady to freshen your curtains from these unhealthy dust, grimes, stains, germs and viruses.

These are some of the benefits you will get when choosing us:

  1. Remove all the sticky stains and allergens.
  2. Our cleaning process will make sure the freshness is back on your curtains.
  3. We assure you of not any stretch in the length of your curtains.
  4. We also wash your curtains if the label on them allows.
  5. We will make sure to change the bad odour into a fresh spring scent.
  6. Get your same day booking and cleaning.

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Professional Curtain Dry Cleaning Sydney- Australia

Why do you need curtain dry cleaning Sydney? The sweet and simple answer is multiple types of curtains are made from different textiles and they all have different cleaning treatments. So, to avoid any damage like fading and shrinking and we sometimes need or have to dry clean curtains.

For instance, curtains such as linen, silk and other sensitive fabrics have to be professionally dry cleaned. Most cleaning experts prefer dry cleaning due to the effective removal of mould or mildew, deeper dirt, sticky stains and the soil soaking into the fabric.

Benefits of Curtain Dry Cleaning:

  1. No risk of shrinkage and losing the shape of curtains.
  2. After dry cleaning, proper cool protection will be applied.
  3. All the deeper dust, dirt, grime, oils, soil, allergens and dark stains will be removed away.
  4. With dry cleaning, all kinds of viruses and bacteria will be dead.

Our curtain dry cleaning is available at your doorstep with one call away. We assure you of the quality and freshness of your curtain fabrics.

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Blinds Cleaning

Professional Steam Cleaning Sydney- Australia

Why steam cleaning is important? As we talked about in the curtain dry cleaning every fabric has its own unique cleaning treatment. Same as the case here. For example, fabrics like velvet or chenille can be cleaned or made for steam cleaning. Keep in mind, steam cleaning is the ever best option for drapes or draperies because of their hard cloth and heaviness.

Steaming is also important for the removal of stubborn creases and wrinkles. Too large in size curtains have to be steam cleaned and because of too bulky.

Benefits of Professional Curtain Steam Cleaning:

  1. It is safer and more eco-friendly to clean with steam.
  2. You can make your home look brand new with steam cleaning.
  3. Mould, germs, and viruses are destroyed by steam cleaning.
  4. All allergens are removed through steam cleaning.
  5. Steam cleaning also eliminates pet odours.

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Professional Window Blinds Cleaning Sydney- Australia

Just like curtains window blinds are also the décor and an aesthetic part of any room. Though curtains and blinds are totally different in designs and functions they work on the same philosophy. As compared to curtains and drapes, blinds can have more control over the amount of light. Both prevent insects, bacteria and allergens that can have a bad impact on your family’s daily life.

We, Window Blinds Cleaning Sydney clean both homes and offices window blinds. We clean any kind of window blinds in any condition. Our same day blinds cleaning service is also available.

Benefits of Professional Window Blinds Cleaning:

  1. Air is filtered through blinds.
  2. Keeping blinds clean helps improve indoor air quality.
  3. Clean blinds can really help visitors form a fantastic first impression of your business.
  4. Cleaning blinds is much more affordable than replacing them.
  5. Using clean blinds can maximise the aesthetic appeal.

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Professional Drapes Cleaning Sydney- Australia

Just like curtains adding drapes to your home greatly enhances the ambient ambience and style, while also providing privacy, protection from the sun and protection from airborne particles.

Prime Curtain Cleaning has experts in drapes cleaning that assure the quality and fresh look on your drapes. Our drapes cleaning service is for all flats, apartments, houses, offices, halls, hospitals, and schools. Our cleaning method will remove all the stains, dust and dirt, and other allergens.

Moreover, you will observe the freshness of your fabrics. Our same day drapes cleaning service is also available on demand.

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Onsite/Offsite Curtain Cleaning Sydney- Australia

Prime Curtain Cleaning offers both onsite and offsite curtain cleaning services. In offsite, our team will put down the curtains or drapes. After washing or cleaning them, we will return you.

But some of our customers prefer onsite curtain cleaning. So, to fulfil their demand we come to his or her place to clean their curtains or drapes while hanging. Most of the customers are convenient and feel satisfied with onsite cleaning.

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This is a piece of brief information about Prime Curtain Cleaning services. Remember, our services are within the boundaries of Sydney. So, for more about our services or booking, call us on 0450 850 297. We are available 24/7. Till then, Prime Curtain Cleaning is waiting for you!!!